1. How does Top Valued make money? 
Our aim is to give best services to user and businesses. We had not signed  with google or any advertiseing agency so user will not see any advertisement. To cover our cost we are asking for token amount from businesses. That doesn’t mean we will list all business. We will  select business which fit in an in-depth evaluation process. Our aim is to give trustworthy unbiased and genuine maximum three business. 

2. Business owners pay you to list the business? 
Yes, To cover our cost we are collecting money from businesses. That doesn’t mean we will list all business. We will select businesses which fit in an in-depth evaluation process. Our intention is to give trustworthy unbiased and genuine maximum three business. 


3. Why your team select only three business? 

First our team evaluate all the businesses in the each catagories. After in-depth evaluaiton process they are selecting maximum three business. If business  not full fill our requirement in that case it may be one or two also. Our aim is to give trustworthy unbiased and genuine maximum three business.  So that user have more choice.

4.  As you already listed three business. What's the use of submitting may business?
We believe that what we selected three business that will not be remain forever top valued and best. Other business my improve their services or product, achievement of award  etc and  there is always chances of imporovement. We request and ask each catactories  of businesses owner to submit business informaiton each year.

5. How is your team select  businesses are the best? 
Our independent selection process means three top valued best selected business never random; they are the result of an in-depth evaluation process by our team. Evaluation process include many different criteria e.g.  reviews, reputation, business hours, complaints, complaint resolution, location, satisfaction, pricing, transparent business practices, accessibility, nearness and excellence.

6. Is your team cover all the points  in-depth evaluation  for every business? 

In reality that is not possible, But we are try to cover all our evaluaiton points. 

7. Where do you get the information from? 
After receiving listing business informaiton request, our team collect information about business from  various sources. We also make sure listing should be genuine  by comparing with different information sources.We also collecting informaiton from Goole business like email, phone number, addresses, website etc.

8. How long will I be on your website? 
All the business listing will remain for one year,  but if business closed we will remove from website. After one year we will evaluate all the catatoraries of businesses again this will give best and trustworthy result to users.

9. When do you update your website? 
We update our website daily to ensure accuracy. Top listed businesses will changed year except if some exceptional cases. 

10. We are listed as one of the top valed best,  How can we promote ot showcase  this? 
We advise you show on your website, hang a sign on your store fornt of  your business locaiton,  on social media, in short you can showcase everywhere you think. Best way to promote your business in local newspaper.


11. What should I do if I require changes,  business closed down or wrong information? 

Please send your correct informaton by filling Update Business

If  you have any other question or concened please send us at contact us